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Success Story

Some success stories from our US based clients

2019—SPOUSE VISA; borderline and variable income

The applicant approached us for assistance with a spouse visa. A review of the paperwork showed that the sponsor’s income was borderline with a likelihood of refusal. With our advice, we were able to assist that applicant and the spouse to plan the application date. Since the sponsor’s income was variable and fluctuated at different timelines. We were able to plan the appropriate 26 weeks income window to submit the application. We submitted legal representation on behalf of the applicant explaining how the income with the chosen 26 weeks window met the immigration rules. The application was granted without any complications.

2019—Visit Visa; complex due to prior refusals based on criminal grounds, granted within 3 weeks

The applicant approached us after a couple of refusals for a UK visit visa based on his criminal background. The applicant who has a business relationship in the UK needed to enter the UK to negotiate several contracts. We prepared a strong legal representation dealing with the applicant’s criminal history, the nature of those offenses, and where they are in the UK immigration rules. We also provided evidence to support the applicant’s good character. The UK Visa and Immigration Service accepted the representation and the visa was granted in less than 3 weeks. The happy client was able to fly to the UK to procure the much-needed business.

2019—SPOUSE VISA despite prior UK overstay and complex relationship

The applicant approached us to assist with a UK spouse visa. The applicant had rental overstayed a UK visit visa and had made an unsuccessful application to stay inside the UK while overstaying. The applicant’s marriage was also complex. There had been a few separations and divorces between the couple. With legal representation, we were able to simplify the applicant relationship with the spouse, explained the prior UK overstay and explained how the applicant met all the rules of a spouse visa. His visa was granted within 10 weeks.

2016—Tier 5 Visa granted despite prior breach of immigration rules

The applicant requested our assistance with a Tier 5 visa, having recently returned from the UK where she had overstayed for almost 3 years. This should have led to a mandatory refusal of the application. Our first application for the applicant was refused based on an error of the Sponsor. We submitted a fresh application and explained in detail how the applicant’s presence in the UK was to benefit a charity organization and the vulnerable people supported in the UK. The application was granted.

UK Ancestry Visa (In lieu of a work visa)

We were approached by a client who needed a work visa to the UK to undertake an apprenticeship which was mostly voluntary in nature. A UK work visa would have been almost impossible to obtain. Following our questioning of the client, we identified that although she was a U.S citizen, she had a possible claim to Canadian citizenship and also had grandparents born in the UK. Based on our advice and assistance, the client obtained a Canadian citizenship and a UK Ancestry Visa, which granted the client the right to live and work in the UK for a 5 year period; thereafter, the client will be eligible for permanent residency in the UK.

British Citizenship for adult siblings

We were approached by a client who was not sure whether he/she was eligible to British Citizenship. The mother was British born, but the client and sibling where estranged from the mother and if needed documents could not be obtained from the mother. We analyzed the client and the sibling’s timeline in terms of the dates and circumstances surrounding each birth. We were also able to assist the client is obtaining documents that were already of public records that could establish the mother-children relationship. Both siblings successfully obtained British passports without needing to contact their estranged mother.