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We offer every client a 10 minutes free consultation to assess their situation and provide a brief advice of eligible visas.  For some clients, this is enough for them to decide on their potential application or it allows them to focus on their personal research.

During your free case evaluation, we will provide you with a general overview of your immigration options. However, we cannot provide you with specific legal advice tailored to your case due to attorney ethical and professional rules.


Many clients require paid consultation because they need more time for the attorney to assess the visas they may have already researched, to assess whether they will qualify for particular visas, or to discuss types of documents they will likely need for a particular visa.

The additional time in a paid consultation, can be money and time saving


  • It saves the client time from analyzing inapplicable visas and focusing their attention on the correct part
  • Provide information on the potential success of the intended visa
  • Prevent a client from wasting legal fees in making an application that may not succeed
  • Allows a client to know what documents and evidence that will be required for a particular visa so they can have a plan.

Where a client procures a paid consultation and instructs us on the full representation within 21 days, we will credit the consultation fee in full by deducting it for the legal fee.

We offer the following paid consultations:

  • 30 mins consultation at $200
  • 1-hour consultation at $350 

For the 1 hour consultation, a client has the option of spending 30- 40 minutes on the phone (or in -person)  to discuss their issues , and then use the remainder of the time to reconfirm advice by email so you they have a written plan / instructions  for referencing

**If you have not previously received a 10 mins free consultation, the time will be added to your paid consultation, example a 30 mins paid consultation will become 40 minutes.

Hourly rate consultation after the first hour is $350 per hour.

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